I have decided to end my own life. I do not wish to live in an existence where someone who sells synthetic drugs with little to no bad side effects is considered worse than violent, sadistic or sexual offenders. I realize that my only place in this existence is to be stepped on by those more sadistic and powerful than me, and I no longer want any part of it. I also realize that what the courts have done to me has now become the popular consensus of what should have happened, so I will try to explain myself so that the media cannot lie about and demonize me anymore than they already have. I am sure that the first point that most people will try to argue is that synthetic marijuana does not infact cause bas horrible side effects. I know that you believe this because that is what the media portrays to you. You hear stories about people that eat someone's face off on synthetic drugs, or other equally horrific stories. I challenge you to not take these incredibly fabricated stories at face value. People want to be able to blame these crazy acts on something, and the easiest target is the scary new synthetic drugs. If you research these stories yourself, you will find that none of these people tested positive for any of the drugs the media claimed was at fault. In some cases they had used the synthetic drugs 6 or more hours before. This also shows that these drugs were not at fault as they all wear off in an hour or so. But people need to feel safe and believe that these acts are not infact the result of simply crazy people. They need to believe that some evil thing made them do it. And so they do. I have used synthetic marijuana for years, and I know for a fact that the worst side effect is an extremely nausiated feeling that passes in an hour or two. The sad fact about all of this is that people will still swear that synthetic marijuana causes much worse things despite absolutely no evidence other than wild media specualtion about why some crazy person did something. This will be the popular concensus untill years from now when studies are able to prove what I have witnessed and experienced myself. The only fact they can argue is that emergency room calls for synthetic overdoses have gone up. This is true because many people cannot handle the feeling that an overdose creates of extreme sickness and nausea. The other fact that they leave out is that this feeling simply passes in an hour or two and there has never been one single case where they can say an overdose on synthetic marijuana has caused death or any other kind of negative permanent side effect. I also want to point out the extreme injustices that have decided to target me and ruin my life in an attempt to scare others away from starting a legal business, such as the one I did. The chemicals I sold for many years were infact legal, as no law outlawed them. The way our laws and chemistry works, a substance must specifically be declared illegal. New synthetics are constantly being created, so there really is no way for the govenment to delare it all illegal. The federal government is aware of this, so they decided on an incredibly sinister way of getting people to stop doing something that is infact legal. They target large distributers of legal synthetics, and investigate them for months. Then someone passes the word to throw an emergency law into effect, and once it is, the distributer is raided immediately. This is to prevent them from finding out about the new law and simply changing to a new legal substance, which would be entirely legal. The federal government has decided that it will make extreme examples out of the few people they deicide to target and give them 5-10 years in jail. This is about five times more of a sentence than the average violent or sexual offender. After I was given my original plea deal of 2-5 years I accepted it. My lawyer told me that I would actually get and serve much less time. What they do not tell you is that once you have accepted a plea deal, you are bound to accepting it, but the prosecutors can still change the terms of the plea deal. After I accepted this deal, the prosecution decided to bump the terms up to 5-7 years. Because I had already accepted the plea deal, I am not able to back out of it because the terms change, but the prosecution is still allowed to change the terms of the deal with you unable to back out of accepting a plea bargin. This would be the equivalent of agreeing to pay someone $1000 dollars to build your deck, but once the deck is finished they make you pay $2000, because the deck is already completed and you cannot back out now, even though the original terms were already agreed upon. Next is my court case which is by far the most grave of injusices I have ever seen and experienced. I explained that I sold legal chemicals for around 4 years, and was investigated for 6 months. Then a law was placed into effect and 3 days later my place was raided and I went from sucessful entreprenuer over night to double felon looking at 15-25 years in federal prison. I was given no notice that my chemicals that I had been selling for years had been declared illegal, because that ofcourse would allow me to remain legal. During the court case, the prosecutor commited the most evil of injustices I have ever seen. His opening statement was that synthetic marijuana dealers are worse for society than heroin or cocaine dealers, because of the increase in emergency room calls. He ofcourse left out the fact that none of these trips resulted in any permanent physical damage like heroin or cocaine which kills many, many people every day and causes horrible permanent physical side effects. He than began to wildy stretch things that had an ounce of truth to them, and went quickly to making accusations which had absolutely no foundation in truth whatsoever. I would say about 90% of what he said was completely made up. I became completely livid and asked my lawyer if we should not challenge his statements about completely untrue things that he said took place. My lawyer told me that we could not challenge him, because like a true sociopath, the prosecutor knew exactly how to word all of his lies in a way that he could not be held acountable for. He would preceed each of his completely untrue statements with 'this guy said that....' so we would not be arguing whether or not these things were true but whether or not some guy said that they were true. I was also advised to ignore all of the competely untrue statements and simply say that I regret what I did and it will not happen again. I was advised that this will get me the least amount of jail time possible. And so I did just that. I bit my tounge after lie after lie came from the prosecutor and when he finally finished with his entire work of fiction, I did just as I was told. The judge decided that I deserved over 5 years. I used to think America was the greatest country in the world because we had less coruption than other places. This might be true, but reguardless, I certainly do not wish to exist in a world where all of this is possible, and most people will agree that this should have been the results. I am not sadistic, biggoted, or hateful an any way. I simply saw an opening that allowed me to legally do something that did not harm people other than a short case of extreme nausea and sickness. Please do not believe any of the media lies that state that I was found with lots of other illegal drugs and guns. This is a complete lie that was made to demonize me and make the news more interesting. If you do not believe me then good. I challenge you to do your own research and stop simply believing what someone is telling you and look instead at the actual facts. I am pretty sure that all of my search and seizure information is free to the public. You can look this up as well as the information about what side effects synthetic marijuanna actually has. I assure that that the information you find will be vastly different from what is being told to you by the media and certain government officials looking for an easy scapegoat to make themselves look good.